Set Apart for a Purpose

Set Apart for a Purpose

We’ve been set apart through our love.

Back in the 1970’s, a pop duo known as Captain and Tennille had a hit song called Love Will Keep us Together. It was a catchy tune but it captured a truth- love does keep us together. In a divisive world, the followers of Jesus have been set apart to bring God’s love to the hurting. It is His love that will keep us together.

It is one thing to know something about a person but it is another thing to really know that person. It’s the difference between having an acquaintance where you know their name and what they do for a living...or having a close friend where you intimately aware of their aspirations and weaknesses. Jesus describes what it means to be his follower as knowing Him and knowing the Father. That is what eternal life is all about...and what his mission was in coming to earth.

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We have been set apart for the same mission as Jesus. (John 17:17,18)

To be “sanctified” is to be set apart for purpose. We find our purpose in following Jesus.

Being set apart sounds impossible- how can anyone be like Jesus? After all, he was perfect. It starts by being intentional in with your attitude. Our daily goal is to purposefully adopt the attitude of serving others the way Jesus served others. He didn’t act like the boss, he acted like a servant.

We have been set apart to bring people to Jesus through our love. (John 17:26)

Love is more than an emotion; it is tangible actions. Practically, I can make God’s love tangible by...

  • Praying specifically for people and their needs.
  • Looking for opportunities to have conversations about Jesus with people who aren’t his followers.
  • Building bridges, not barriers, with people whose behavior is different than mine.

Three questions to ask yourself...

Sometimes we need to stop, think, and then act. Here are three questions to first reflect on and then act on.

  1. Do I know Jesus?
  2. Do I have a Jesus attitude in every situation?
  3. Does God’s love for me show up in how I love others?
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